Dealing with Tax Debt

Tax Problems

Many Americans are plagued by tax issues every year. Unfortunately, either for lack of funds or just out of fear, they deal with their tax debt the only way they know how – by ignoring it. Although this seems like a fairly simple plan of action, as time progresses, those who ignore their tax debt could experience the harsh collection tactics employed by the Internal Revenue Service. These tactics, ranging anywhere from accruing penalties and charges to facing jail time in many cases, can not only disrupt a person’s finances, but they can severely disrupt a person’s life. If you are one of these people and you don’t know where to turn, it’s not too late to receive the help you need. First, you must identify the tax issue affecting you so that you may know how to proceed.

Tax Problems, Solved

Problem: You are a business owner who has not paid payroll taxes that you withheld from employees to the IRS. You are facing serious fines and eventually much worse.

Solution: Your case could be very complicated and difficult to deal with. The IRS is particularly harsh on people or businesses they believe have cheated them out of payroll taxes. Payroll tax representation through Tax Support USA can help you find the right legal counsel to evaluate your case and offer the most sensible solutions.

Problem: Life has gotten in the way – maybe you’ve moved around a lot in the last few years or you’ve simply gone through various job situations – but you have not filed taxes for a long time. Regardless of your reason for not filing, the IRS considers that tax evasion, and you are not only facing fines, but the serious threat of jail time – up to one year for every year not filed!

Solution: Thankfully, in cases of individuals, the IRS would rather receive the tax filings late than not receive them at all and, while you may still owe a penalty, the possibility of jail time can be avoided altogether. With Tax Support USA, you can find tax professionals that will help you file your taxes, send them to the IRS, and deal with the resulting issues later.

Problem: You’ve filed your taxes and you know you owe money, but you don’t have the money to pay it and, as a result you’ve missed the deadline. The longer you go without paying your debt, the larger it gets, as penalties accrue.

Solution: Tax Support USA can help you obtain penalty abatement. Our tax professionals can evaluate your situation and help reduce or even eliminate your penalties and your overall tax debt depending on whether or not you meet the qualifications set by the IRS.

Problem: The IRS has attempted to collect on your debt without success. Now, they have contacted your employer and are now garnishing your wages. By law, the IRS can garnish up to 80% of your wages for the purposes of debt repayment, which can have a significant effect on your finances.

Solution: With the help of the tax experts at Tax Support USA you can tackle wage garnishment by having representation that will put a hold on the garnishment order and negotiate with the IRS on an acceptable way to settle the debt.

Problem: You have not paid your tax debt despite numerous attempts by the IRS to collect. Now they have placed a lien on your home, bank accounts and other property in an attempt to get paid. Federal liens and levies appear on your credit report, so the effect is not just immediate. Not only are you at risk of losing your property and the money in your bank accounts, but the negative mark on your credit report will hurt future chances for anything from home ownership to, in some cases, employment.

Solution: The tax professionals at Tax Support USA can help lift the lien or levy and ensure that a reasonable arrangement can be made so that you can successfully address the tax problems and come up with an appropriate solution.

Problem: You’ve filed your taxes, your debt amount has come back and you simply cannot pay it. You want to avoid penalties and other serious consequences often resulting from not paying the IRS.

Solution: Don’t ignore your debt. Contact Tax Support USA and let our knowledgeable tax experts help you go into the offer in compromise program, an IRS option for those who cannot afford to pay their tax bill in full. With the help of our professionals, you can join the program and have your debt significantly reduced by having us negotiate your debt.