Success Stories

A. JohnsonA. Johnson is a restaurant owner with over 10 years in the industry. He came to Tax Solutions USA because he owed about $200,000 in back payroll taxes, and the IRS was ready to shut the business down as a result. With the help of our tax professionals, Mr. Johnson was able to get all of his quarterly filings up to date in a few months, which then allowed him to obtain a monthly installment plan from the IRS so that he could pay back all of the payroll taxes he was behind on. Thanks to Tax Support USA, Mr. Johnson was able to keep his restaurant open and his people employed. He settled his tax debt and has since been making successful, timely payments on his payroll taxes.

Mrs. JohnsonF. Miller owed taxes from three years ago. Despite several attempts by the IRS to collect, due to her financial situation she had been unable to make payments, but rather than contacting them, she simply ignored the situation. Recently, she received a notice that the IRS had decided to garnish her wages in order to settle the debt. The garnishment would end up eating away about 75% of her paycheck every two weeks, making it impossible for her to support herself. Ms. Miller reached out to the experts at Tax Support USA, who immediately got to work and successfully got the IRS to place a hold on the status of the wage garnishment. Because of financial hardship, negotiations were made and a payment plan was achieved to keep Ms. Miller from losing her livelihood.

Mr-ScottT. Scott
spent the last seven years moving around and holding a number of jobs. Erroneously thinking that he would neither owe nor be owed, rather than filing taxes each year, Mr. Scott decided to not file. The IRS recently contacted him, letting him know that he had a tax debt and that he would need to file back taxes or face possible prosecution for tax evasion. Terrified of the outcome, Mr. Scott contacted Tax Support USA. The experts at Tax Support helped him file all of his taxes and found that the outstanding tax debt of $15,000 that the IRS claimed was incorrect. They worked with the IRS to correct the amount. They were then able to settle on a monthly installment plan that would help Mr. Scott get back on track without causing financial hardship.

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*These success stories are examples of real life scenarios. The names and locations of the people are fictional.