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Tax Collection AppealsIRS Collection Appeals. Once the IRS decides to collect on your debt, the agency has many tools at its disposal to carry out such a decision. You have rights. Once you receive notice of an IRS collection, you have the right to appeal the collection action, which could be anything from a federal tax lien to property seizure.

Tax RepresentationPayroll Tax Representation. If yours is a case in which you potentially owe payroll taxes to the U.S., the case could be very complicated and difficult to deal with. The IRS is particularly harsh on people or businesses they believe have cheated them out of payroll taxes. Tax Support USA can help you find the right legal counsel to evaluate your case and offer the most sensible solutions.

Innocent SpouseInnocent Spouse Relief. Married couples have special needs when it comes to tax relief solutions, especially those involving a tax debt believed to be solely the responsibility of one individual rather than the couple. Tax Support USA helps couples with joint liability resolve potential length tax issues by relieving one of the parties of tax liability under the appropriate circumstances.

Tax Resolution Dispute NegotiationTax Liability Dispute Negotiation. Whether your liability involves a huge penalty or a Federal tax lien, the most experienced legal counsel can help you understand your options and resolve these matters in accordance with the law and to the benefit of both parties. They will help you with everything from penalty abatement — where your large penalty is negotiated for reduction or elimination depending on hardship and other factors — to offers in compromise, in which a taxpayer and the IRS agree on a compromised amount of debt and come up with payment plans or other means of payment depending on taxpayer’s hardship and future ability to pay what is owed.

Tax SavingsRelief from Garnishment. Levies, liens and wage garnishments are just some of the powerful tools that the IRS utilizes to push taxpayers into paying delinquent debt and resolving liability. Those options are not only difficult to recover from, they can hurt a person’s financial condition, their credit and even their ability to pay back their debt. It creates a vicious cycle. Tax Support USA professionals understand at length each of these IRS tactics and help taxpayers in debt to settle their liability issues with the IRS in a way that takes wage garnishments, liens and levies off the table.

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Access to a network of seasoned tax professionals ready to answer your questions and evaluate your options. Don’t rely on unreliable information sources – consult with tax attorneys and IRS experts so you can make the right decision. Tax Support USA equips you with

Great rates on top quality tax relief solutions. In today’s frustrating and highly volatile economic landscape, tax problems affect people like you every day. The key to getting the help you need is finding a comprehensive group of high-quality services delivered by knowledgeable people at a great price.

High-quality customer service delivered efficiently. No matter what tax relief services you are making use of, understanding what you’re paying for and retaining a company that follows through on their promises of excellent customer service. Tax Support USA delivers on those promises with efficient service and representatives that care about you.

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